Nail Art

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
If you've been paying attention to my Twitter feed lately (and instagram too), you've probably seen my sudden interest in nail art.

The one that I've gotten the most talk about are my Aztec nails, as seen on Honestly...WTF.

The biggest question I've gotten: how do you make the lines??!

Easy! I use Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens!

The first time I did Aztec nails I did more of a pastel palette, and this time I used darker colours. I have to say, I prefer the pastels, but the jade green and red really worked well with the pink lines.

I love the more intricate designs
The first time I did this I did my right and left hands. But since I'm so not ambidextrous, this time I opted for a single colour on my right hand.

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