Baby, if it's cold outside...I need me some Burberry

Monday, December 14, 2009
Just 11 days before Christmas! How time flies! A time for family and merriment, it's also a time to dream big and allow yourself to want things that you really can't have.

So, allow me to introduce 'Erin's 11 Days of Christmas'. Over the next 11 days, I'll be posting about fabulous things that I'd love for Christmas, but can't afford. But, feel free to pick me up one or two for my upcoming birthday...

Burberry Giant Check Scarf - $295

It's Burberry, it's classic, and it's cashmere. I can't get over the price tag, despite knowing that it's an 'investment' piece. Truth is, as much as I love the scarf, if I had $295 laying around, I'd rather buy shoes. Or a handbag...which makes the scarf the perfect gift!


Livie said...

yea i'm with you - if i had that money, i'd rather buy shoes or even sunglasses but not a scarf. though this is a classic, there are too many knockoffs around.

g said...

For years now I've been lusting after the baby blue version of the scarf [along with the earmuffs]. I do have a brown and light pink version of the scarf from Burberry Blue Label [with matching gloves and even the wallet - I went nuts when living in Japan] . . . I love them. Can't justify getting another scarf though! Might go for Paul Smith instead.

adela said...

depending on the paul smith scarf... ahhaha it can cost just about the same as this burberry one. hahah maybe a little less cheaper, but not by much.
although, the paul smith ones go on sale! WOOOOOOOOT!!!