WTF? and Whine Wednesday

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
Today's Whine Wednesday also coincides with Fashion Smashion.

While trolling around online for things that I can't buy (why do we insist on torturing ourselves?), I came across 2 beauties.

The first isn't too surprising considering where I found it, but the mere fact that it exists is purely mind boggling. I've been scouring Ebay lately for vintage pieces. I already got a couple, one perfect for the holiday season, the other to be saved for summer. But I digress, let's cut to the chase.

What are these? It's like a Grandma's craft room vomited all over them. They're a DIY project gone awry! Who would wear these? What purpose do they serve? My mind is so boggled by these pants that I can't even begin to answer these questions!

And these.

Can you even believe that these pants are from Topshop?? And to top it off, they're silk! Topshop is a UK company and anyone who's been to the UK knows how much rain they get (it's like here), how are silk pants even worth having? Did a clown design these pants? Did MC Hammer try to update his look? I just don't get it.


ko0ty said...

Everyone has a totally different perception of "good" fashion. Those are hella ugly!!

Teresa said...

omg that's so funny...the 1st pair is hilarious. Made me laugh. But..don't be surprised if some Main Street 70's lost child wears that

Niki B. said...

hahaha oh my god. the first pair of pants are going to give me nightmares.

and smashbox primer for the win! i've been using it for years. but i've also heard good things about the bare escentuals primer.


Not feeling it haha!

Melissa said...

When I was in Europe this past August, EVERYONE was wearing them...I kept trying on skirts only to discover they were Hammer pants when I got into the dressing room...ew!

Livie said...

ooh i love it, for my next clown convention

adela said...

why don't we already own these?! HAHAHAHAHAHAH good God!!!!