Pin a Rose on Your Nose

Sunday, December 20, 2009
With 5 days left until Christmas, I haven't posted a single item of jewelry for my wish list. Consider that fixed! Trolling around ShopBop the other day, I came across these:

Tom Binns Classic Gold Safety Pin Earrings - $220

I love accessories. I love accessories that make people stop and say, "OMG. I love that!" Purses and shoes are always great for compliments, but usually they're much more well known. Jewelry, on the other hand, is a lot more difficult to pick out, making compliments much more exciting. These safety pin earrings are big (love it) yet simple. I can see them being rocked out with liquid leggings and a slouchy tee, or dressed up with a sheath dress. Totally versatile, and totally need to be in my jewelry box.


lisa said...

These earrings make quite a statement!

Chris said...

Wow.. I can't say those do it for me. Mind you, as I've mentioned before on twitter, my level of style sense is defined by the colour of Nike golf shirt I'm wearing to work.

Today it was blue with red, purple, and pink stripes.