Buy a House or a Birkin

Tuesday, December 15, 2009
On the 10th day of Erin's dream wishlist is none other than the highly coveted:

Hermes Birkin - $ down payment on a house

The only way I could ever afford a Birkin (in a world where I could actually get my hands on one) is if I decided that I didn't want to own a house. Instead, I'd have to live in my Birkin.


ko0ty said...

A house or a Birkin?! That is hard!! Because of my current situation now (living at home), I think I'd go for the Birkin. =P Hehehe

Jenn said...

Have you read "Bringing Home Birkin" ? It's AMAZING how many birkins this guy was able to get his hands on. He ran quite the lucrative business!
As for me, the frugalista in me just can't justify spending that much when you could probably buy a decent car for the same price :( Maybe if I ever win the lottery...

Melissa said...

I live DT so I just walk everywhere and I'd look so much better with that bag on my arm...I envy Victoria Beckham's Birken collection *sigh*

MizzJ said...

Oh my that's a toughie! Hmm I'd have to go with house, b/c my pragmatic parental upbringing won't let me say anything else :(

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Teresa said...

There's also a crazy wait list for it too I think. I remember an episode of Gilmore Girls where Rory got one from her bf and didn't know the significance of it and went 'oh nice, a new purse'

I probably wouldn't know what to do with it aside from putting it in my safety deposit box.