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Thursday, December 17, 2009
By now you've probably heard about the Jeffrey Campbell 'Obscene' Boot. If not, well then, you are about to lose it...

JC 'Obscene' Boot - $249.95 at Solestruck

Forget the pants. If you're looking to rock the Lady GaGa look (no pants) but are concerned about freezing to death, look no further! The 'Obscene' is for you (they even come with their own belt!)! Seriously though, I'd love to see these worn in person, but Vancouver being, well, Vancouver, it's doubtful that will happen. Own them? Send me a picture!

I was creeping around Akira Chicago the other day and I came across something oddly similar...

To be honest, I definitely prefer the look of the 'Kane' to the 'Obscene'. I have a love affair with heels, and being short, such insanely high boots will just midgetize me (especially as flats). What I dislike about the 'Kane' is that the garters attach to your belt loops, pulling on them and looking ridiculous.

What are your thoughts on the fly-fisherman inspired boots?

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MizzJ said...

Hmm this reminds me of something like those Smart Set commercials - these would be the haute couture version of fisherman boots. I suppose they are very unique, but not wearable in real life!