Fashion Education: Rad Hourani Couture

Thursday, January 24, 2013
Please note that this is not a review of Rad Hourani's Paris couture show.

Jordanian-born designer, Rad Hourani, was recently invited to become an invited member (membre invité  - guest member) of the French Federation of Haute Couture Paris, the French fashion industry governing clothing (yes, that's a thing). The Federation is comprised of 3 different areas: fashion houses that produce only haute couture, houses that produce both men's RTW and couture, and houses that produce both women's RTW and couture.

Interestingly enough, Hourani spent some time growing up in Montreal. While some people consider him to be a "Canadian designer", I opted to go the "Jordanian-born" route since I can't say what he identifies with.

I recently learned that there are people who read my blog but don't always know what I'm talking about (thanks and please continue reading!). So, I'm sure you're curious what haute couture is. Literally, it's "high fashion". If you think of all the crazy designer clothes you see, it's likely that it's couture. However, haute couture isn't something to be taken lightly in the fashion world. You see, haute couture is actually a designation. The term is protected by law, and is defined by the French Federation of Haute Couture Paris.

Couture designs are custom made to order. The designs consist of the highest quality fabrics and the attention to detail is so high that oftentimes things are stitched and sewn by hand.

So what, right?

Not only had Rad Hourani been invited to become un membre invité of the Federation, he is also the first unisex haute couture designer in fashion history.

So, that.

Images via - from the FW12 couture shows.

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