KnowShow: A Show Worth Knowing About

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Last week Emily, Sarah, and I stopped by the KNOWSHOW to check out what was in store for the Fall/Winter 2013 action sports, fashion, and lifestyle brands.

What's great about KNOWSHOW is that it brings together roughly 300 local and international brands under one roof. With some of the brand's having only part of their collection available in certain stores and sometimes even dealing with exclusivity, it provides us with a great opportunity to get a more fulsome look at what these brands have to offer.

I love surfing (but I'm not good at it. Sidebar: Does anyone remember the short lived MTV show Surf Girls from 2003???). So imagine my surprise when I find out that there's a "more mature" Roxy/Quiksilver line, Quiksilver Women. Sarah has more on them.

TOMS was so good. Though, as usual, I had a preference for the men's collection. I love this casual take on the wingtip. A bit dressier than regular TOMS, but more casual than a leather shoe. Fun colours and patterns, but nothing overwhelming. The women's collection has cute new boot styles.

The Reef Resrv mens collection was amazing. I love how men's footwear is a thing now. The menswear scene is a weird combination of fashion, sports, and hiphop (seriously - why do you think Amar'e Stoudemire is pals with Anna Wintour? Do you think it's just for fun? There's always an agenda), so I can definitely see how menswear has evolved into what it is now.

Proof had amazing sunglasses - for both men and women! They also had a couple cute sweatshirts. 

Check out these super awesome slip-on brogues from Seychelles. Toe-caps! Patent! Prints! I don't usually care for Seychelles, but these I want so bad.

And these smoking slippers from Seychelles! I really want to Union Jack ones. Can't you just see Taylor Swift prancing around in these (probably holding on to a 18-year-old's hand)? They would go so well with her J.Crew fox sweater.

While this coat wouldn't keep me even a little bit warm in Ottawa, I'm so into it. It's BB Dakota and would make for a great fall or spring transition piece. Or, I suppose if you live in Vancouver, you could wear it all winter without problem. The (faux?) leather detailing is great.

Herschel Supply Co has a few new styles for Fall/Winter 2013. There are a lot more colours and, as you can see, a whole whack of new patterns. So support local!

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