Things Not to Miss About Vancouver

Friday, January 25, 2013
And of course, there are always things that you won't miss about the place you're leaving.

- Translink delays and countless break downs (I will, however, miss their social media presence)
- Grey days when you can't tell the time of day
- The Yaletown scene
- Having so many hills (riding your bike or walking gets so tiring!)
- Vancouver's complete lack of snow preparedness
- Driving along: West Georgia, South Granville, Denman, Broadway, 41st, Robson
- Having simultaneous construction on all major routes from Burnaby to downtown
- Donnelly bars (same bar, different name)
- Always having to carry an umbrella because it could rain at a moment's notice
- Getting bombarded by people handing out the dailies and charity canvassers at/around Burrard Station
- $40 cab rides to Burnaby
- Trying to just find a cab
- Bandwagoners - from the Canucks to the Waldorf, Vancouverites love a cause, even if they have to make one up
- Archaic liquor laws

What are some thing in Vancouver that you wouldn't miss?


Jenne said...

- Having moved to Edmonton last year, I definitely don't miss the god-awful traffic and horrible drivers (Not that people in Edmonton are any better, but it feels much more congested in Vancouver).

- I don't miss the pretentious/unfriendly/excessive hipster vibe atmosphere you get in some parts of the city (you know which ones!)

- I don’t miss the fact that every girl has the same wardrobe from Aritzia

- I don’t miss paying HST (well, that will be gone soon enough)

- I didn’t realize it until I was away from the city long enough, but I don’t miss the constant rain. When I flew home for Christmas for 10 days it was grey and dreary for 9 of them. It was depressing and now I know why so many people in Vancouver suffer from SAD

- I also don’t miss Translink and their constant breakdowns. It’s like they just can’t get their shit together!

All this being said, I definitely miss the amazing food in Vancouver. I’ll also never take the view of the mountains, greenery, and easy access to beaches and ocean for granted, ever.

ko0ty said...

I think I'm the only one who would miss the hills!