New Year, New City

Wednesday, January 9, 2013
The rumours are true!

I'm moving!

To Ottawa! Our fair nation's capital.

I've been waiting rather (im)patiently to share the news with you all. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen some tweets hinting at something changing. I got the news just before Christmas - it really was a Christmas miracle.

Since August, but more so since October, I've been campaigning pretty hard to find a job in Ottawa, and it happened and I couldn't be more stoked. Ottawa's a lovely city, the 4th largest in Canada (immediately following Vancouver), so I'm convinced that I'll like it (start placing your bets).

So, what does that mean for Haus of Hybrid?

Well, expect more diverse content. I'll be posting regular features, so that content will stay the same. Plus I'll be throwing in some stuff from Ottawa to show you all it has to offer. But to cover events in Vancouver, I've asked 3 friends to help me.

Sarah (@sarallin) & Emily (@em_rossco) will be covering events around fashion and general lifestyle.

Mary (@marydotwu) will be covering anything about food.

They're all nice, but most importantly, they're funny. So play nice and follow them on Twitter, ok?


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