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Sunday, January 13, 2013

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Here’s my Golden Globe fashion recap, and first Haus of Hybrid contribution (!!!). Because I’m totally qualified to write these things while sitting at home in sweatpants, baggy sweater, and a topbun.

Best Dressed

Rosario Dawson
The look on her face sums up how I feel about this dress.
Lucy Liu
Love it or hate it, at least Lucy Liu takes risks. Her Emmys skanky disco ball dress didn’t quite hit the mark, but this dress sure did.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington looks so good, I may have to start watching Scandal.

Jessica Alba

Is it just me, or does she just get better and better looking?
Amy Poehler
 I don’t know if it was her dress, or just how funny they were, but Amy and Tina looked great, with Amy’s red dress being the best of the bunch. Side note, I want Tina Fey’s hair.

The So Close Award

Jessica Chastain

Could someone please get Jessica Chastain a tailor? Someone’s boobs should never be best described as “baggy”.

Worst Dressed

Giuliana Rancic
This dress looks like a low-rent Beyonce at the 2011 Met Gala.

Julianne Hough
 Miley Cyrus goes to prom. Also, why are you even invited to this award show?

Halle Berry
 This dress reminds me of that terrible early 2000s trend of faux newspaper print clothes.
Debra Messing
 Speaking of things that were popular in the early 2000s… here’s Debra Messing.

Lena Dunham
 Is this dress made out of neoprene?

Odds and ends:
To Sarah Hyland, do your boobs hurt in that dress?
To Christoph Waltz, when did you get so attractive? Please keep wearing those glasses.
And finally to Bill Murray, your facial hair confuses and amazes me. Never stop being you.

Images via THR, The Cut, Vulture

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ko0ty said...

Love this! My fav is Jessica Alba's dress. Love that color!